Video Game Producer (Cycles 1 & 2 )

(Game Design, Game Art, Game Development)


Entrance exam


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  • Know the history of the game and acquire a solid culture
  • Know and master all the aspects of a developer / editor contract
  • Propose a concept adapted to an editor’s needs
  • Acquire methodological and managerial skills to lead a team from concept through to delivery of a video game
  • « Scream » et « Learn Management » methods
  • Master communication and management with an editor during the development of the game
  • Be aware of new trends: « Serious game » « Social game »
  • Learn how to produce a « first playable » quickly

Professional context

Join a video game production company …

Become an independent producer

The student must focus on all the different phases in producing a video game:  budget, script, development, picture, sound and post production.

Creativity plays an important role in this course. It gives meaning to the techniques acquired during the Master’s degree. Creativity stimulates research and experimenting with new technologies and tools.

The Video Game Producer Master’s degree is consistent with a professionnel context that demands good communication skills, ideas and technical knowledge where an individual personality is a real asset.

Jobs & Opportunities

Creative Director, Art Director, Project Manager, Game Designer, Game Art, Level Designer, Engine Developer, Gameplay Developer …


  • Video Game
  • Social Game
  • Serious Game …